Licensing Options

Thank you for your interest in purchasing or licensing a copy of You Look a Lot Like Me for your organization. A variety of licensing options are available to you through our online storefront. Secure payments may be made through PayPal with your organization’s debit or credit card, or if you would prefer to pay by check or by phone, please contact us.

For Colleges and Universities (accredited non-profit educational institutions only):

Under the TEACH Act, 17 U.S.C. § 110(2), and the fair use privilege, 17 U.S.C. § 107, our Educational DVDs allow for “the performance or display of [You Look a Lot Like Meby instructors or pupils in the course of face-to-face teaching activities of a nonprofit educational institution, in a [physical] classroom…” This applies to a classroom-sized audience of enrolled students for the lifetime of the exact DVD purchased. The performance must take place in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction. This privilege does not apply to distance education.

For distance education licensing options, please contact us today.

Please note that the performance may only be promoted to enrolled students, not the public, and no admission fee may be charged. Further, this privilege does not apply to larger screenings or screenings not directly connected to a teaching activity. For example, if a campus Women’s Group wanted to host a screening of You Look a Lot Like Me for their monthly movie night, they would need to purchase a Public Performance License (information available below).

For Corporations, For-Profit Educational Institutions, Organizations, & Government Agencies:

For-profit companies and corporations, professional associations, civic groups, private practices, hospitals, and government agencies must license You Look a Lot Like Me directly from Tortoise and Finch Productions, LLC. The purchase of an Institutional License effectively means you are leasing the film for the life of the exact DVD purchased. Please note that an Institutional License does not include showing the film on television or online, and does not permit your institution or organization to make copies of the DVD you acquire.

For Public Libraries & Qualified Groups:

We offer special licensing rates to public libraries, as well as to select community-based organizations that provide direct service or advocacy and work with an annual operating budget of $200K or less. (Documentation of annual budget may be required.) Your purchase of a Public Library or Qualified Group License effectively means that you are leasing You Look a Lot Like Me for the life of the exact DVD purchased and includes in-house public performance rights for non-paying audiences only. Please inquire about fundraisers or any open and advertised events.

**If you are with a nonprofit organization that provides direct services to victims of domestic violence and are interested in purchasing You Look a Lot Like Me, but are unable to afford our Qualified Groups pricing, please contact us directly.

Public Screenings:

A Public Performance License is required for all public exhibition of You Look a Lot Like Me. Our Public Performance License allows for a public display of You Look a Lot Like Me to an audience outside the privacy of one’s home or classroom. Possible venues for a public screening may include, but are not limited to, community events or festivals, theaters, college or university campuses, museums, for-profit libraries, and other larger institutions. These types of screenings are typically for one-time events.

Pricing is based on format, venue capacity, and ticket price. Please contact us here for details. Please be sure to let us know if you are interested in the director and/or a participant from the film attending your screening by contacting us at

International Customers:

All DVDs are NTSC, region 0. They may not work in your country, particularly if you are outside of North America, so please check with your DVD player owner’s manual or manufacturer. Where applicable, please check your country’s regulations regarding customs, tax, or duties as they may affect the total cost of your purchase.

** Please note: We are not responsible for shipping issues or delays from the USPS, UPS, or FedEx.