With fall semesters starting and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month approaching, you or your organization might be looking for movies about domestic violence that feature real domestic violence stories from those who have experienced intimate partner abuse.

What are Professionals Saying About You Look a Lot Like Me?

You Look a Lot Like Me is well suited for a wide variety of audiences and may be of particular value to

• Domestic violence programs and coalitions.

• Abuser Education programs.

• Social service agencies and other organizations focused on women’s and LGBQ/T issues, health, and public policy.

• Academic departments and programs, especially in the disciplines of:

  • Women’s Studies
  • Social Work
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Cultural and Ethnic Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Change
  • Counseling and School Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Public Policy
  • Public Health
  • Education
  • Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Nursing
  • Gynecology
  • and Primary Care.

• Organizations with a mission to promote education, advance knowledge, and strengthen communities, such as local libraries.

• Civic, fraternal, community, and professional groups and associations.

• Those working in the criminal justice system, law enforcement agencies, and prisoner rehabilitation programs.

• Student groups at colleges and universities.

• Organizations dedicated to the wellbeing of women, children, and families.

• Policy makers and legislators.

• Faith-based organizations and institutions.

• Government entities and organizations, including the U.S. Armed Forces.

• Mental Health Professionals.

• Human Resource and Employee Assistance Program Managers.

• General Audiences interested in learning more about domestic violence.

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