Our Generous Kickstarter Donors

In the summer of 2011, we launched our finishing funds campaign on the awesome crowd-funding website, Kickstarter. We were humbled by the incredible response we received from so many people around the world – family, friends, supporters, and strangers. Unexpectedly, we exceeded our goal in less than just two weeks, and went on to complete the film in time for a world premiere in Hollywood, California in May, 2012. This would not have been possible if not for the generosity and support of our Kickstarter donors, some of whom are listed below.

For those who have chosen to remain anonymous, please know that your names will forever be in our minds and hearts, along with everyone else mentioned here.

Thank you!

Constantina Rhodes

Casey McDougal

Jess Hogan

Alexander Danner

Mandy Bates

Susan Johnston

Julia Brennan


Michael Conner

J.R. Craig

Naomi Kondo

Jean Desire

Daniel Izui

Jennifer Dooley

Lydian DeVere Yard

Doug Jabara

Healing Expressions

Betty Pichon


Hollie Palombo

Walter Cirone

Catherine Iagnemma

Ramona Taj

Diane Sullivan

Phobe Chase

Robin Stratton

Heidi Stanton

Wendy E. Nine

Ting Chin

Alena Wesemann


Special Thanks!

Ben Liu

Tom Richardson

Andrew & Jessica Merczak

Matt Girard


Kevin Gehrke

Julia Anderson

Kathy Gottberg

Minka van Beuzekom

Donna Perkins

Claudine Claudio

Michael & Christine Harris

Dennis Stevens

Marla Rhodes

Craig Paterson

Atsushi Ogata

Louis Mourneau

Sally Anderson-Phillips