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What Professionals are Saying About You Look a Lot Like Me

“In the film You Look a Lot Like Me, Chloé McFeters has seamlessly woven stories of love, betrayal, and ultimately, survival from a diverse group of people who have lived with the nightmare of Domestic Violence. She stretches beyond the norm to show us people of different gender, age, culture, and sexual orientation. She even makes the controversial, but wise choice, to include the self- examination of an abuser who struggles to understand what he has done and if he is capable of change. What comes into sharp focus for the viewer is awareness that Domestic Violence touches all groups without prejudice. We become immersed in their stories from the early stages of falling in love, to their fear, bewilderment, and shame as their partners become unrecognizable people who hurt them in every way imaginable. To educators and those who work in this field, the film puts a human face to the “Power and Control Wheel” and the “Cycle of Abuse” by submerging the viewer into the world of real people who have bravely chosen to share their stories. Whether a survivor, friend, family member, educator, advocate, or mental health professional, You Look a Lot Like Me has something to teach us all.”

— Pamela Riss, M.S., LMFT

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